Mary is probably one of my favorite pieces. I owned a Nikon D5100 for a short in 2012 to go along with some of the design I was working on & also have as a hobby. I used to go on adventures in Galveston to get used to it and found her not to far from the Strand. She was on side of the building condemned & falling a part but there she stood. Little did I know what she would turn to.


I didn’t want to take away from her or the doves so i played around with simple texture but it didn’t make her stand out.  Since the base of the building was brick I add the wood texture from a brush I had on Photoshop & added a mask to protect her texture & color.  The color was still a lithe light so I ended up adding a darker filter & effect over to make it that dark orange/yellow.

Below is the Before & After

mary split



The Point of a Forward Movement….

I can sit & worry how or why things happen but I can’t. We are at a place where there is no plan b. Tamra & I have walked a line of trust where right now it seems the line has turned into thin ice. We don’t have the ability to keep up with our commitments but God has given us a bigger vision of things that are playing out now. It seems when we gain traction of forward movement, we lose stability & control of things we have to give over to God. Right now, we haven’t been able to pay rent (thanks to God for providing through certain people) & barely keep the essential things for life going. We have stayed the track he has called us to. Tamra had a dream we were driving our car up a steep hill & almost reach the top but we keep falling back to the start. We want to defeat this mountain but we need help. We are at the point of forward momentum and feel like we are worn out & out of options.


Kansas City Recap

There is no correct starting point except saying Jesus is awesome! I feel I left part of my heart behind & really enjoyed this trip like I have no other. We had a group of 30 people invade University of Missouri: Kansas City. We were partnered with The Boiler Room & a vision to see to orphans come into the local family there. We had countless encounters with people & the Holy Spirit, about 15 people accepted Jesus, & several healed bodies.

One of the stories closest to my heart is Jim. A 63 year old man who is paralyzed on part of my body after a motorcycle accident in his late teens. He originally rejected my offer to pray for him due to him being in a rush. I left it as it was and went on my day. I finished diner and went to our sleeping area to chill & do some interviewing before service. A few minutes go by & my parter for that day came running up & said “He is here!” The guy who I briefly got a chance to meet encountered 2 other of our teams during the day & that night a 2 cab rides didn’t work out home but a bus ride to The Boiler Room did. He is full of wisdom & got to know God through logic but he described himself as a loner & unsocial. He not only came that night but night following. He got plugged in with some of Boiler Room guys which was awesome to see.

The video is coming along great. I was able to do a quick recap for our Mission 24 family. It turned out great for my first one in a while. Planning on releasing a longer version over the next few week. But feel free to check out the recap video here:

Here is just a small glimpse in to our morning deco/prayer time


This guy is a Gospel Wreck Ball! He lead 5 people to Jesus this last week


And then found my coffee Heaven!


Possibly starting to film “CAMPUS”

If you read my last blog (Dreams for 2014….) I spoke about a dream I had for 2014. I have an awesome opportunity to start shooting in a lithe under month away while on a trip with a group while in Kansas City. We are going to team with a local church to evangelize & start the planting process of a campus church. My goal is the raise support needed $500 for the cost of the trip in a little under a month. This cost isn’t including what I would be losing as my weekly income & some food cost.

If this trip is anything like what has been going on here in Houston it is going to awesome. We had a few of our guys from Mission 24 go up to A&M in College Station and got to see healings, word of knowledge & people speak life into the dead parts of people’s hearts. Our Friday night leadership program, the Holy Spirit has been blowing us away with His presence & worship just erupting. Please pray that the support would come into allow me to go & also that there would be supplemental income to cover for that week.


Dreams for 2014…

I have kept quiet the last month, my wife & I have been dreaming what 2014 could have in stored & what mountains to climb. 2013 was a year that the Holy Spirit really spoke to me about longevity/sustainability & creating a foundation to do so. 2014 is a year of JOY & WONDER! I have been letting go of things that have been taking me off track & we are in a process of building momentum again. I am regaining my desire to dream & have passion for those dreams. 

During the later part of 2013, I started getting this idea of a mini-documenary series or short film of what God is doing on campuses. I slowly started talking about it more and more that I do so I have faith to see the process start this year. I have seen pastors say they are worried about what the world will look like in 10 years. They feel that the evil & darkness in the world will over power the light. They see the youth of this nation as the problem & not as the solution to see the world change. The vision I have is to show what happens when the Spirit shows up on a campus where there are students & leaders wanting to see a move of God take place. The Light is showing up on University of Houston and there are others across America. I think it is time people see that the Light will not be over taken by the darkness.



The Moveable Object &The Car

It has been a week since owning our new car! I promised to tell the story behind it and how Daddy God showed up.

To begin I have to start in September. We let Tamra’s car go since we no longer could afford the monthly payment we used to be able to. We would get it caught up but fall back into not being able to keep it up. We were left we my 1991 Mazda truck. Beat up, no AC & Tamra didn’t know how to drive manual so I would be the only one able to drive. We couldn’t get a loan and had no back up plan so we stuck it out knowing God would shift our priorities & perspective on the situation. For a few months, we were faithful and stuck to that truck. Even with me not working during part of that time, we knew God had to show up. Then one day out of no where, my truck blew it’s engine. It wasn’t a gradual thing or any mechanical signs it would happen. It just did. Like I said, we couldn’t get a loan, no money saved up, & no one we knew could help us right away. We were left with the ability to rely on his grace to guide us.

We were set to stay with my in-laws for a few days so they could help us around till we figured this out. We had a few people knew how much we needed a break through some how. Tracey* knew our situation and rented us a car for the week so we could situate everything out. Because she knew everything we were dealing with & knew our goals, she kept a few things secret from us. The first was that she was given $2000 for a family that needed financial help. She wanted us to have that to use for a car. She knew that we could find a car with that but she wanted something that we didn’t have to invest in to repairs right away. She said it would be best to see if we could raise another $1000. We agreed. I started a GoFundMe (it is similar to Kickstarter). The first 24 hours was slow and we raise $100. We kept it up all week long but it the $100 was all we raise. We attempted to sell a few things to help but that didn’t pick up any traction.

It was about Thursday afternoon, we have been looking & calling about cars with in now our $2100 price range but coming up with no luck. We kept in contact with Tracey and let her know what we were having issues with raising money and selling a few items to raise the $1000. This is where she had a 2nd secret that happened earlier in the week. The same friend who gave her the $2000 asked if she could pay her back for the rental. Tracey agreed. The next day she was handed and envelope and thought it was just the money for the rental. It ended up being another $1000 for us to use.

Now it is Friday, we are searching high and low. We talked to Tracey about a car we were going to check out but it was still outside of the $2100 we had. She then told us about the extra $1000 she was given. We were blown away but still were sticking with lets find the right car for the best price. We set out for coffee & Craigslist at our local coffee shop and found a few but set out to look at one.

We went out the West Houston area and had a car in mind but “mechanical” issues prevented the car from starting so we had to pass on it. We were out of luck and were getting hungry. We took a break and got dinner thinking our night was done. I got a Craigslist maybe out of desperation of needing a Hail Mary since we had to turn in the rental Sunday. I found this Subaru outside of our price but called and he went down into our price range. We went and liked it a lot. No major issues or beat up and it was right in our budget. We made the deal!

From there we had some title issues but they were fixable. Because of that issue, he ended up payed our taxes & registration as well! The one minor issue was fixed out with a tune up & we were set to go.

We are now proud owners of a 2001 Subaru Impreza Outback. Thanks to a stranger we don’t know & Tracey for being a conduit for God’s hand to move (even if you may not see that).

*Name was changed for privacy